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HDD VPS Hosting

August 20, 2016, Written by 0 comment

What is a HDD VPS?

Virtual Private Server hosting, or VPS hosting, is a method of hosting that relies on software to mimic hardware in the creation of virtual machines over physical servers.

A HDD or Hard Disk Drive, is the type of hard drive that data will be stored on. A HDD uses spinning platter disks to record data, this method is different than flash storage, which is what an SSD or Solid State Drive would use. A HDD is a mechanical metal box that must record your data manually and physically. Inside the metal box, there are disks that spin and mechanical arms that write information on them. Hard disk drives have been around longer than other data storage methods such as solid state drives. You can see the insides of a hard disk drive below.

A HDD VPS is a virtual private server that utilizes hard disk drive technology for data storage.

Hard Disk Drive

Inner view of a hard disk drive Seagate Medalist ST33232A

What is the difference between a HDD VPS and a SSD VPS?

When it comes to virtual private server hosting, there are different data storage methods to choose from, and each have their own benefits.

Virtual private servers that use hard disk drive storage often have more storage capabilities than those using solid state drive storage. Virtual private servers that use SSD technology are often much pricier than HDD VPS, and in addition to the higher price tag, there is usually less gigabyte per dollar. VPS that use HDD are often cheaper and come with more storage since the technology has been around longer and hard disk drives are cheaper.

Managed HDD VPS Hosting

Astral Servers provides outstanding managed HDD VPS hosting services. All of our hard disk drive virtual private servers come with unlimited network data transfer and guaranteed speeds. We offer advanced DDoS mitigation services on all of our virtual private servers. Experience our stellar 24 hour customer support based out of Austin, TX. Astral Servers is proud to offer you the best HDD VPS hosting experience.

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